Sector Specialisation

We are general accountants with specialist skills to serve the following sectors.   

Double Glazing

Fabrication, build and design companies.  Specialist CIS support.  Reverse Charge VAT.  Marketing spend analysis and comparison with the industry bench-marking.


Textile imports from South-East Asia. VAT and Duty implications.   Setting up of new business including help and advice in selecting the right agent overseas.

NHS GP Surgeries

Admission of a new partner, CQC mock audit.  Help and advice with regulatory policies including GDPR, infection control, safeguarding, health and safety.  Covid 19 Continuity planning and exposure control policy.

Breakers Licence, repairs & MOT Centres

Specialist support for VAT, Payroll, HMRC risk analysis.    Continuity and succession planning.

Media and Technology

Guidance and support to achieve more than your expectations.  Expand your horizons to see beyond the line of sight.

Retails and Wholesale

Know your business beyond the visual and planning ahead of your competitors.


Safe journey through the regulation and help you aim high in profitability.


Help and support to see where the money is going and how it can be saved.

Service Excellence

“Coming to you in the middle of the tax investigation was the best decision.  Your support and style was no match to my previous accountant.”

Client  D L​